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Capital city of the United Kingdom, and host city of the 2012 Olympic Games. London is a cosmopolitan fusion of cultures, people, races and sexualities making this one of the most exciting, fun and tolerant cities in the world to find yourself in. It also makes for excellent eating no mater what you may be in the mood for!  |  Gay Guide to West  London & Earls Court  |  Gay Guide to South  London & Vauxhall  |  Gay Guide to Central  London & Soho  |  Gay Guide to North  London & Kings Cross  |  Gay Guide to East  London, Angel & Islington  

With London being so large you wont find the gay scene restricted to just one area, it's everywhere! But there some areas more dominant than others, the likes of Soho in the city centre, Kings Cross to the north , Earls Court to the west, Islington to the East and Vauxhall to the south. All of which have a large scene in there own rights. But don't panic, London also offers an excellent transport system which includes busses, trains, the underground, trams and ferries, so you can get from one place to another in just a number of minutes. 

Not only is London a party town but it's also a shopping haven, everything from world famous department stores, chic boutiques to local markets there is shopping for everyone and every budget. There are parks on almost every corner, amazing architecture, sight seeing galore and the whole place is just soaked in history! London really is a world class city with something for everyone.

With the London scene being so big, we have split the London page into different areas. Click the map to see each area, or by clicking here you can see all of our London venues on one page.