Back Home Contact Us Disclaimer Search is an online gay travel guide, offering you information about gay and lesbian venues, hotels, publications, city information, Escorts, laws and much more for different countries and cities around the world - and it's all free!

We set this site up to help gay travellers find these services wherever you may be. Our aim is to keep an up to date database of all gay and lesbian venues and information that will help make your stay in an unfamiliar city more enjoyable.

Working for a major airline, my partner and I travel all over the world. We got tired of buying large travel guides that went out of date before they even went to print, Searching the internet for venue information only to find we missed out on the best places because they don't have a web address or we've used the wrong key words to find it! So we started researching and making lists of the cities we stayed in and where to go for a good time, before too long our friends were also using the list when they went away. It was then we decided to put the information online so that everyone can benefit.


We aim to put together a database that will include all major cities and towns across the globe and list them in an easy to find, clear to read and printable format making life easy for us all, and we're going to keep it free for everyone to use!

As we travel to new destinations and revisit old ones, we will collect as much information as we can to keep the site up to date, but we do ask for your help! If you have any information or changes to that found on this website please e-mail and we will update as soon as possible. All information is very much appreciated and will benefit all our users - Many, Many Thanks.    

We hope this site helps you when you travel,
There's an amazing world out there,
Enjoy it! 

-Andrew & Steve